Sunday, June 22, 2008

Black Man Accused

This week's trial: my client is a 30 year old black man who's been in jail almost a year awaiting trial. It starts at last tomorrow. If there are any blacks to serve on his jury I haven't seen them walking the streets of this rural community. He's accused of exposing himself in public which he denies and which I think I can demonstrate is a case of mistaken identity. He's searched, then handcuffed behind the back and put in the squad car for the ride to the police station. Once there he's searched again, this time nude, and nothing turns up. Dressed up again, he's cuffed once more and taken to the squad car for the ride to the jail. At the jail he's searched a 3rd time. Nothing turns up.

So the frustrated cop goes back to the squad car and searches the back seat where he find 8.9 grams of cocaine hidden in the seat of the patrol car. Client charged with possession and possession with intent to sell. Weird, bizarre, unbelievable? None of the judges on the case so far think so. But to connect this dope to my client you have to assume that the searches didn't turn up the dope because it was so well hidden on his body. Then you have to assume that with both hands cuffed behind his back he could have retrieved the dope and hidden it in the seat of the police car.

Prosecutor wants 7 years. If we can find 12 angry men he won't get squat.


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