Sunday, November 18, 2007

Time Keeps on Slipping

Meditation on time: do the crime, serve the time? Time. Credit for time. CJ Time 2days for three; SP time 1 day for 2. Watch out strikers. Time can tick at 85%.

Settlement conference with Judge and DA the other day. Day recommends lower term but judge has option of going up.

"Depends on the probation report," he says. He's lying. In San Mateo County judges always give the upper ranges. It doesn't matter how much ass you kiss with your probation officer.

"Just wanted to know the range," I respond.

"Counselor, it'd behoove you to settle this case." Judicial threat. Do the right thing or I'll make you pay, that is, make your client pay. With what? Time. It keeps on slipping into the future.

You know how some words stick in your mind? That "behooves" stuck in mine. Couldn't sleep thinking about what "behooved" me to do. Pissed me off, staircase wit that I am. I should have said if you're going to threaten me let's put it on the record. Not quick enough. Time rushed over me like a river.


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