Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Verdict In

My child molester client is toast; the jury found him guilty on all five counts against him. Since the sentences run consecutively in this area of the (California's famous one strike sex law, that is, one strike and you're finished). His sentence could be in excess of 100 years to life. As he is 34, this is an absurd proposition. Excessive punishment? Cruel and unusual? I'll say. If he lives to be 134, he would be eligible for parole. Why not just say life without possibility of parole? A friend of mine had a similar case, more serious, and his client got 467 years to life. Does anyone wonder why we have the biggest prison population in the world?

When we finally have jailed all the "bad" guys (and I'm not supporting child molestation) who'll be left? The Bush family?

Break down the prison doors.


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