Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back to Jack

Jack is 34, Irish by birth, passionate and depressive at the same time. He married a 22 year old woman who calls the police every time they have an argument. She has had Jack arrested 3 times and confined to a psychiatric facility once. What drives Jack crazy is that every time she puts him in lock-up, she relents, writes retractions to the DA and Judge and then reconciles with Jack. A real dance away lover.

She’s now got a domestic violence restraining order against Jack. Domestic violence or DV is sanitized talk for wife beating. Either spouse can get one but very few men seek restraining orders against their wives. Of course opposing spousal abuse is PC; you can’t really take the opposite position. Jack’s restraining order is a no contact order which means he can’t phone her or even send her an e-mail. How she got the order is beyond me except she did say Jack slapped her once, an allegation he denies.

But he’s so obsessed with her he can’t stop calling and sending e-mails. The last time she had him arrested it was for a package of e-mails in which he talked a great deal about God and how their marriage was ordained in heaven. As it turns out talking about your relationship with God is not PC and the DA wants him to be examined by a psychologist to see whether he is sane or not. The judge didn’t blink an eye. Order granted.

Take notice: it may be illegal to admit that you pray in Santa Clara County. The DA said that if there were no God talk he’d recommend 30 days in jail. “But this God stuff makes me wonder if he’s all right in his head.” Wow. In God we trust. One nation under God….Makes you wonder.

So Jack’s going to have his head examined tomorrow. Once the state gets into your head it’s far worse than 30 days in jail. You have to read Orwell to understand.


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