Saturday, September 20, 2008


I recently (about 6 months ago) reorganized my practice so I do only criminal defense now. Family Law can be a real pain, though it pays well, and my claim to expertise in immigration never led anywhere. Now the only immigration law I do consists of exploring the consequences of criminal convictions or pleas for my clients.

Hey I keep trying to post more often but life gets in the way. This summer I had 3 felony trials (1 guilty verdict, 1 hung jury and 1 acquittal) then in August health problems diverted my attention. My health now is fine but August was no fun.

Right now I am working on an appeal, and awaiting a 1st degree burglary trial on September 29. Problem is the defendant confessed to police and even led them to the stolen property. Hard to defend except that the victim was a friend who is just as low life as him. Might get mileage out of that. I like to do trials but this is a second strike case and my guy is going to get really hammered if he goes to trial and loses.

Something to think about next week. Next (I promise) my two murder cases.